Wheelchair Psycho is an animatronic sold at Spirit Halloween in 2013 for $169.99. It was in the Spirit Hollows Asylum theme on the left section. The animatronic appears to be a zombie in a blue hospital gown holding a knife. One foot is missing while the other is in a cast. For its animation It lunges forward and makes gruesome sounds while making a stabbing motion.

Spirit Halloween's Description

You'll be rolling on the floor dying when you meet this Wheelchair Psycho Animated Decoration. This crazy prop features light-up eyes, wheelchair movement, a lunging body, and creepy laughter. Try not to get too close! 

  • Wheelchair Psycho Animated Decoration includes:
    • Wheelchair
    • Creature
    • Knife
    • Adapter
  • AA Batteries not included
  • Materials:
    • Fabric
    • Vinyl
    • Plastic
    • Foam
  • Special Features:
    • Light-up eyes
    • Movement
    • Sound
  • Measurements:
    • Height - 52"
    • Length - 35"
    • Width - 24"
    • Weight - 6 lbs
  • For Indoor Use




Wheelchair Psycho Animated Decoration

Wheelchair Psycho Animated Decoration