The Toxic Zombie was an animatronic sold by Spirit Halloween for the 2008 Halloween season. It resembled a zombie inside a toxic waste barrel that lifted the lid over its head and emerged from the barrel. Upon activation, the animatronic turned its head side to side as its eyes flashed to disturbing noises, while the barrel lit up as well.

Spirit Halloween's Description

"Toxic Zombie is the stuff of nightmares! Direct from the abandoned factory comes something evil, sealed up, left and forgotten long ago to fester and rot, only it's alive and leaking in a most troubling way. This sound activated toxic waste can raises and lowers its lid to reveal a Toxic Zombie looking left, right and straight at you with illuminated eyes and evil intentions. Run!"

  • Sound Activated
  • Zombie rises from the toxic barrel
  • Head turns right and left while eyes light up
  • Dimensions:
    • 27" X 27" X 36"H/53.5"H
  • Latex head and hands, Yarn shirt, Fabric Can, Plastic Mechanical Module, Metal Ring
  • 6v 2.0 adapter needed


  • The Zombie Barrel, an animatronic from 2010, was a remake of the Toxic Zombie.



Spirit Halloween Toxic Zombie-0

Spirit Halloween Toxic Zombie-0