The Silent and Deadly Clown was a Spirit Halloween animatronic that was sold during the 2013 Halloween season. The animatronic had green, LED eyes and moved side to side while making hushing sounds. It wore a red and white clown jumpsuit and as well as a cone hat of those colors.

Spirit Halloween's Description

"This creature ain't clownin' around in your house. Silent and Deadly Clown is looking to scare the pants off everyone he crosses. So don't expect any laughs when he hushes the crowd and his green eyes light up while he creeps back and forth."

  • Silent and Deadly Clown includes:
    • Mask with hat
    • Jumpsuit in knitting fabric
    • Blow mold hands and shoes
    • Metal base
    • Bottom leg supports
    • Upper leg supports
    • Connecting pipe
    • Adapter plug
  • Materials:
    • Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Hat
    • Knitting fabric jumpsuit
    • Blow mold hands and shoes
  • Special Features:
    • Eyes light up
    • Body turn side to side



Silent and Deadly Clown

Silent and Deadly Clown