The Lifesize Michael Myers was a Spirit Halloween exclusive animatronic that was sold at Spirit Halloween stores in 2009. This Michael Myers was designed to look like the Micheal Myers from the 2007 Rob Zombie remake of the infamous John Carpenter original, Halloween. He moves his head, his eyes, his waist, and his left arm that is holding a bloody knife. For his audio, the Halloween theme song plays while Michael breaths heavily. This Michael Myers wears brown dirty overalls, black boots and his dirty, worn out mask from the Halloween remake. Unlike the 2010 Micheal Myers, this Michael Myers eyes are not blacked out which makes it much easier to see his eyes move. This Michael Myers animatronic can also be collapsed in order to store him. Just push the black button on the back of his base in order to collapse him or push on his shoulders in order to raise him. And like the 2010 Michael Myers animatronic this one also has a purple try me button on the front of his base but Spirit Halloween's Try Me buttons or Step Here pads can also be plugged into him.

Spirit Halloween's Description

Greet your guests with the face of true evil. Evil has a destiny and it is in your home with this Rob Zombie Halloween life-size Animated Michael Myers figure. Hear the Halloween movie theme and heavy breathing as his head turns and his eyes move from side to side in search of his next victim - could it be you? You'll be breathless with fear when you see his knife-wielding arm move in your direction! This motion activated prop will astound and terrify even the bravest guests and fascinate horror film fans and Halloween buffs.

  • The officially licensed life-size Animated Michael Myers from the Rob Zombie Halloween film is an authentically attired jumpsuit-clad figure with an incredibly detailed likeness. His face was sculpted by the famous FX make-up artist Wayne Toth and it captures every tortured detail.  
  • The motion-activated figure stands an imposing and full six feet tall and his eyes move while his head turns from side to side; he plays the Halloween movie theme and heavy breathing while performing menacing and spooky arm movements with his knife.
  • For indoor use only.
  • Uses standard household electric and includes a six ft. cord.


  • According to Spirit Halloween, his face and head were designed by the person who did the makeup for the Rob Zombie Halloween remake movie.
  • Gemmy also made a mini version of this Michael Myers that was exclusive to Kmart.



New Animated Michael Myers Prop (First Released Video)

New Animated Michael Myers Prop (First Released Video)