The Jumping Bug was an animatronic sold by Spirit Halloween for the 2013 Halloween season. It resembled a giant insect that jumped forward and made uneasy noises. It was a variant of the Jumping Spider.

Spirit Halloween's Description

"Not many people like bugs, especially when it's a giant one! Freak out your visitors when you decorate with this Jumping Bug Animated Decoration and listen for the screams!"

  • The Jumping Bug Animated Decoration includes:
    • Bug
  • 6V2A Adapter and AA Batteries not included
  • Materials:
    • Plastic
  • Measurements:
    • Height - 12.01"
    • Length - 14.17"
    • Width - 26.77"
  • Special Features:
    • Works with 6V2A Adapter or AA Batteries (each sold separately)
    • Sound/motion activated
    • Step pad optional (sold separately)



Jumping Bug

Jumping Bug