Demonica was an animatronic that was sold in both 2010 and 2011 by Spirit Halloween. When activated, the animatronic rose up and down as it made disturbing sounds. As this happened, its head turned from side to side, as well as moved up and down.

Spirit Halloween's Description

"Something wicked this ways comes - Demonica is her name and she's rising from the grave. With her illuminated eyes and open mouth, she rises and lowers as if to leave and re-enter the afterworld at the slightest sound. Her head moves as if to cry out in anguish, or to call you to join her. Join in the spooky fun this Halloween when you decorate with this amazing prop."

  • The sound-activated Demonica Animated Zombie Prop is an over two foot tall zombie creature who pushes herself out of the grave to over three feet, rising up and down with a moving head and light-up eyes.
  • Requires 4 AA batteries; not included.
  • Sound activated
  • Optional 6V 3.0a adapter and foot pad activator sold separately
  • 8.93 lbs
  • Fully assembled dimensions:  25" x 25" x 27"
  • Rises up to over 3 feet tall!


  • The 2010 model of the animatronic had grey skin, while the 2011 version had purple skin.




Demonica Animated Zombie Prop - Spirit Halloween

Demonica Animated Zombie Prop - Spirit Halloween